28/06/2016 Super Smashed Turbo Tour 2016!

Ahoy pirates, goblins, and other costumed humans of North America! We've been promising this for weeks, so here it is...the full dates for our USA & Canada tour with Nekrogoblikon and Aether Realm! Tickets available from wherever it is you kids buy tickets these days. Oh, and the first one to say "Lame, you're not coming to Brazil, Iowa" gets a big ol' punch in the butt.

30/04/2016 Pirates! Goblins! A Guy Dressed as a Bear!

ALESTORM + NEKROGOBLIKON + AETHER REALM, North American Tour 2016! Dates coming soon...

29/07/2015 Magnetic North - The Movie!

Ahoy crew! Did you know it's been exactly 1 year since our album "Sunset on the Golden Age" came out? What a crazy year it's been. We decided we'd celebrate by releasing a music video for one of our favourite tracks from the album, MAGNETIC NORTH. This is probably the most ridiculous music video from a folk/power/whatever metal band ever. If you can think of a sillier one, let us know, and we'll send you a year's supply of ham!