16/04/2014 New Album Out on 1st August!

Ahoy there righteous dudes, babes, and all fans of Pirate Metal! It is my very great pleasure to tell you all that Alestorm's 4th album, to be entitled "Sunset on the Golden Age" will be released by Napalm Records on August 1st 2014! The tracklist for the album will be as follows:

1 - Walk the Plank
2 - Drink
3 - Magnetic North
4 - 1741 (The Battle of Cartagena)
5 - Mead from Hell
6 - Surf Squid Warfare
7 - Quest for Ships
8 - Wooden Leg!
9 - Hangover
10 - Sunset on the Golden Age

Wow! Songtitles! Exclamation marks! We'll be telling you a bit more about the individual tracks sometime soon. What we will say for now, is that "Hangover" is a cover of the dance-pop anthem by Taio Cruz and Flo Rida. It me!

ANYWAY back to the good stuff. Check out the artwork for the good is that? This rad painting was once again done by the very talented Ingo Römling, who has handled all of our previous album covers. It features a bunch of pirate ships doing what they do best: shooting the crap out of each other. Cannons are cool. Also, the sky is red, as if to imply it's sunset. See what we did there?

OF COURSE the title of the album is a reference to "The Golden Age of Piracy", which was a period roughly between the years 1680-1720 (depending on who you ask), during which time all the famous pirates you've probably heard of were doing their thing in the Caribbean. Stealing treasure, kicking the ass of the British Navy, plundering wenches, and so forth. Like all good things, this age had to come to an end, and so we've used that as a general theme for this album. There's also songs about drinking and partying too.

In the coming weeks and months we'll be giving you more details about the album, including preorder information, special editions, and other stuff...and we'll maybe let you all hear a song if you're good boys and girls! Until then, stay piratical!

Chris - Alestorm

14/02/2014 Sunset on the Golden Age

Today, the next chapter in the Alestorm tale begins! The band has just arrived at Lasse Lammert's LSD-Studio in Lübeck, Germany, to record their 4th full-length album, which will be titled "Sunset on the Golden Age".

"This is gonna blow all your expectations as to what an Alestorm album is all about" comments Christopher Bowes (vocals/keytar). "Over the past couple of years we've been writing non-stop, and we've come up with a ton of badass material. Some of this stuff is catchiest pirate party anthems you've ever heard, with choruses that'll make you want to raise a pint of rum up high and sing your guts out. And for the fans of the epic stuff, we've got some songs that hit the 10-minute mark, with lyrical themes about historical events and crazy mythological madness. It's gonna rule!"

Expect more updates and drunkenness over the coming months, and a release through Napalm Records sometime in the early summer!

If you want to keep up with all of the details, follow Chris (@hyperchrisz), Dani (@weaselcannon), Gazz (@garethmurdock) and Elliot (@elliosis) on Instagram!

Party on!

01/01/2014 Happy New Year

Good morning 2014! How's everyone's hangovers doing?

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States... we conquered all these countries in 2013, but this year we're gonna play even more places. And next month, we're going to head back to the studio to record our FOURTH ALBUM! Get ready for some epic questing action!

Happy New Year everyone! xxx

19/09/2013 Live at the End of the World


My friends, you've all waited long on this very special day, i think it is time we announced that our long-awaited Live DVD, "LIVE AT THE END OF THE WORLD", will be released on NOVEMBER 15TH! Filmed back in January in Australia & New Zealand, this double disc set (1 DVD & 1 Audio CD) contains our full pro-filmed super high quality live headlining show from Melbourne, plus a metric fuckton of bonus material and other nautical nonsense from the rest of the tour. It's gonna kick ass! Here's the full tracklist:

1. The Quest
2. The Sunk'n Norwegian
3. Leviathan
4. Shipwrecked
5. Over the Seas
6. Midget Saw
7. Nancy the Tavern Wench
8. Pirate Song
9. Back Through Time
10. Wenches & Mead
11. Death Throes of the Terrorsquid
12. Keelhauled
13. Rumpelkombo
14. Set Sail and Conquer
15. Captain Morgan's Revenge
16. Rum

We'll have preorder links for you soon. Can't wait for the release? Then check out this video of "Wenches & Mead" ripped straight from the DVD! Happy pirating, gnarly dudes and babes! YARR HARR RUM AHOY!!! etc.

11/09/2013 In The Navy!

So yeah a couple of years ago when we were recording "Back Through Time", we asked you all what songs you wanted us to cover. And a whole bunch of you suggested "In the Navy" by The Village People. So of course we recorded it, but for some strange reason we decided not to tell anyone...until now!

On October 18th, we'll be releasing a cover of that awful song on a super limited 7" vinyl single (plus digital download for all you futuristic types), and its available to preorder NOW! So go get it!

Preorder - Vinyl BLUE
Preorder - Vinyl GOLD

The B-Side to the disc is a remix of "Shipwrecked" by the very talented Drop Goblin. You're going to hate every second of it!

09/07/2013 USA & Canada!

Ahoy shipmates!

Alestorm will be returning to North American shores in November 2013, for their FIRST EVER HEADLINING TOUR! This is gonna be our first ever chance to play a full-length set in the USA & Canada, plus we'll be hitting a lot of cities we've never managed to get to before (Canada, I'm looking at you here).

But the fun doesn't end there...we'll have our BRAND NEW DVD "Live at the End of the World" for sale, and we might even be playing a NEVER BEFORE HEARD SONG from our upcoming 4th album (we're working on it, give us time). Support comes from the crazy Norwegians of TROLLFEST, plus the gnarly party dudes of GYPSYHAWK. Here's the full details:

with support from TROLLFEST and GYPSYHAWK

  • 11/11 - Santa Ana, CA @ Yost Theater
  • 11/12 - Tempe, AZ @ Rocky Point Cantina
  • 11/13 - Las Vegas, NV @ LVCS
  • 11/14 - San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside
  • 11/15 - Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater
  • 11/16 - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
  • 11/17 - Vancouver, BC @ Funky Weatherbeans
  • 11/18 - Calgary, AL @ The Republik
  • 11/19 - Regina, SK @ The Exchange
  • 11/20 - Winnipeg, MB @ The Zoo
  • 11/22 - Chicago, IL @ Reggie's Rock Club
  • 11/23 - Westland, MI @ Token Lounge
  • 11/24 - Cleveland, OH @ Peabody's
  • 11/25 - Columbus, OH @ The Shrunken Head
  • 11/26 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Smiling Moose
  • 11/27 - London, ON @ Music Hall
  • 11/28 - Toronto, ON @ Mod Club
  • 11/29 - Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks
  • 11/30 - Montreal, QC @ Club Soda
  • 12/01 - Quebec City, QC @ Le Cercle
  • 12/02 - New York, NY @ Webster Hall
  • 12/03 - Teaneck, NJ @ Mexicali Live
  • 12/04 - Baltimore, MD @ Soundstage
  • 12/05 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
  • 12/08 - San Jose, CR @ Finca La Lucha

Tickets available NOW from

16/06/2013 Cheers Copenhell!

Pirates of Denmark! Thanks for an amazing show at the COPENHELL festival! It felt great to get back onto a big open air stage for the first time this year. You guys rocked, cheers!

15/06/2013 New Website!

Ahoy! Welcome to the new Alestorm website!