29/07/2016 Alestorm vs. Skalmold!

What happens when the world's worst band of pirates and the world's best band of vikings join forces? You get SKALSTORM!

Announcing the new super limited 7" vinyl split single featuring Alestorm and our Icelandic friends Skálmöld; they're covering one of our songs (Drink), and we're covering one of their songs (Kvaðning). I wish I could tell you how awesome it is, but due to a gentleman's agreement we've agreed not to listen to each other's songs until the record is released. Who knows, maybe their cover of Drink is actually just 10 minutes of six men farting into a microphone. WE JUST DON'T KNOW! Anyway, take a gamble, and get your copy!

Available for preorder NOW from the Napalm Records online store!
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